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Level 1: Beginner

Week 1-2: Introduction to Spanish

  • Greetings and farewells
  • Basic pronunciation and alphabet
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Common classroom phrases

Week 3-4: Everyday Conversations

  • Introducing oneself and others
  • Asking and answering basic questions (name, age, nationality)
  • Simple vocabulary for family, professions, and hobbies

Week 5-6: Food and Drink

  • Basic food vocabulary
  • Ordering food and drinks at a restaurant
  • Counting money and making simple transactions

Week 7-8: Travel and Directions

  • Common travel vocabulary
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Booking accommodation

Level 2: Elementary

Week 1-2: Colors and Clothing

  • Learning colors and clothing vocabulary
  • Describing clothing and outfits
  • Shopping for clothes

Week 3-4: Time and Weather

  • Telling time
  • Discussing the weather
  • Making plans and appointments

Week 5-6: Daily Routine and Activities

  • Vocabulary for daily activities
  • Talking about daily routines
  • Describing hobbies and leisure activities

Week 7-8: Family and Relationships

  • Expanding family vocabulary
  • Discussing relationships and describing people
  • Writing short paragraphs about family

Level 3: Intermediate

Week 1-2: Descriptions and Adjectives

  • Learning adjectives
  • Describing people, places, and things
  • Comparing and contrasting

Week 3-4: Food and Cooking

  • Advanced food vocabulary
  • Discussing recipes and cooking techniques
  • Ordering and preparing meals in more detail

Week 5-6: Travel and Culture

  • Talking about past travels
  • Learning about Spanish-speaking countries
  • Discussing customs and traditions

Week 7-8: Health and Well-being

  • Health vocabulary and common ailments
  • Discussing healthy lifestyle habits
  • Giving and receiving advice on health

Level 4: Advanced

Week 1-2: Work and Business

  • Vocabulary for work and professions
  • Discussing job responsibilities
  • Role-playing job interviews and business meetings

Week 3-4: Media and Entertainment

  • Discussing movies, music, and literature
  • Giving opinions and reviews
  • Analyzing Spanish-language media

Week 5-6: Social Issues and Current Events

  • Vocabulary for social issues
  • Discussing current events and global topics
  • Writing essays and articles on relevant issues

Week 7-8: Advanced Grammar and Writing

  • Advanced grammar topics (subjunctive, conditional, etc.)
  • Writing essays, reports, and creative pieces
  • Preparing for advanced exams or certification tests

Remember to integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises throughout each level. Additionally, incorporate cultural elements, such as holidays, traditions, and famous Spanish-speaking figures, to make the classes more engaging and culturally enriching. Assess students regularly to gauge their progress and adjust the curriculum as needed.

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