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Finding a class is not easy You have a lot to think about.


There is a lot at stake when you try to introduce a new teacher to your child. A good teacher can make or break the subject. You also want to make sure that the teacher is consistent, is available for a long period of time and fits your budget will make sure that your child remains consistent in that skill that you are trying to impart for them. but arranging all this is like a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes even harder than arranging a party.


Here is where Parent Network steps in and helps parents just like you who are short on time in getting the best teacher possible and getting a class for your child set up ASAP.


We have the expertise in the space of teachers and a strong matching algorithm that runs behind you will be able to get going very quickly. In addition we take this job very seriously because we are run by two parents. We have a very strong vetting and a training process for our teachers.


So why wait?  .All you have to do is to send us a message or book the class on our website. 

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