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Plan, Join & Create activities for your kid

Join Parent Network Today


  • Invite a friend to play

  • Get together with a new pal

  • Practice chess with a buddy

Group events

  • Plan an outing to the zoo

  • Invite the team for a pick up game

  • Arrange an online meetup 


  • Throw a pool party

  • Host a virtual birthday

  • Gather friends for trick or treating

Add more fun with friends

Event Details

  • Fill out a quick form to share the event place, time & other important details


  • Make it a public event or just invite your inner circle 


  • Send an invite by text, email, or using the app’s search feature

Discover new clubs and activities

Interest-based Clubs

  • Explore and sign up for clubs on our platform


  • Help your child meet new  kids 

  • Try out new hobbies with friends

Public Activities

  • Find parent and vendor-led activities and clubs 

  • Can't find one? Form a club and invite others to join

Stay on track and in sync 


  • Keep all of your child’s planned activities in one place


  • Receive automated reminders for upcoming events


  • Share events with your personal calendar

Marble Surface

Safety & Privacy in-app features 

At the time of signing up for a new account, all users have to be verified by the two factor verification method.

Our data is stored on Amazon Web Services, third party storage services hosted in the US(i) and is encrypted end to end so your data is always secure.

We don’t sell our user data. It is private and secured in a database with no access to third parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information

Your data is secure


All Parent Network users are verified

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