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In today’s ever-changing world of technology, communities everywhere are looking for easier and more convenient means by which to seek human companionship. From dating apps, to garage sale groups, there seems to be an emerging niche for everyone! But what about the little ones fussing relentlessly at your feet? What if there was a way to share the social benefits of this new-found sense of technological efficiency with your children? A new app, “Parent Network” does exactly that!


We all have been in position when schools are closed or the weather is bad outside and you have expended all resources of the craft closet, and little Tommy’s eyes have glossed over due to three too many episodes of “PAW Patrol.” We’ve all been there...In these times you wonder if it would just be so much easier if there was another child to play with yours.


Parent Network’s is a secure private network which  allows parents to easily coordinate with other parent friends and helps you find play buddies for your child at real time. If none of your friends are available then parent network allows you to find other local parents who have children with similar ages and interests and who are available to play while keeping the security and identity of your information. 


The app is intended for parents of children ages 2-10 who understand that “playtime” is the best way for your child to spend time at that age . Not only does it involve loads of laughing, squealing and fun but helps build the social foundation and provides them a lifetime of great memories.  


Parent Network founder/CEO Akanksha Kumar recounts the days when she found hard to find other children to play with her kids. Upon moving cities for the third time in her children’s lifetime, she tells of the difficulty in finding play buddies for her children in a completely new city and even when she found someone, it was fairly difficult to coordinate with other moms. “It became like a round-robin program,” because each parent was constantly trying to survive their own busy schedule which prompted a dizzying phenomenon of rescheduling and last-minute cancellation. Further, “there was always this hesitation or awkwardness” when it came to asking for play dates. In the end she found it much easier to just give their child digital games for entertainment or plopping them in front of tv.  So, Parent Network was created to facilitate convenient play-time to fit any schedule and suite your child’s personal enthusiasm! “You can buy them the big label, get them the best toys, but it’s always better when there’s other kids around,” says Kumar. 


Healthy socialization is essential to a child’s psychological development.

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