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Navigating Parent Anxiety


Parent anxiety is real. One is always thinking am I doing enough? Am I feeding the right food? Am I enrolling them in the right things? Am I setting them up for success? How is their mental health? Do my kids have the right friends? Are they making friends? 

This constant barrage of thoughts makes you feel wearing you down?


There is a solution - 

First is to relax breathe and love yourself and tell yourself you are truly doing enough. 

Second is to find your mom circle where your are able to openly share your anxieties and goals for your child without judgement so you have a listening ear.


Third is that you can always reach out to parent network helpers who go to any length to service your need. You can message us @

And more importantly believe that your kids are here to make their own story, and so take the cue on what they truly want to do

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